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Mountains with their impressive dimensions and intimidating shapes have always evoked a whole range of emotions in humans. While some are intimidated by the monumental nature of mountains, others are fascinated and attracted by them. The interplay with nature creates ever new perspectives and captivating sights. Capture these moments and win the IMS Photo Award of the category Mountain Nature.

€ 2,500*

  • the IMS Photo Award of the category Mountain Nature
  • 2 overnight stays in Brixen during the award ceremony (travel expenses incl.)
  • 2 dinners at the IMS Alm at the International Mountain Summit
  • exclusive Photo-walk on Saturday, 14th October at the International Mountain Summit
  • on top of that the award for the Mountain Photo of the Year plus € 3,500 prize Money


Terms and Conditions
Submit your image
Administration fee  10,00

2 photos = € 16 total
3 photos = € 21 total
4 photos = € 24 total
5 photos = € 25 total
Any photo on top € 5 per picture

Discount per order
No limit to the number of submissions or categories

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card or with your paypal account.

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